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    Xuzhou Jiufu Industry and Trade and Ronghua Aluminum are located in the east area of Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, 5 kilometers away from Guanyin Airport, with convenient internal and external transportation.

    Jiufu Industry and Trade is mainly engaged in comprehensive processing and sales companies of various brands of aluminum plates, aluminum strips, patterned aluminum plates, aluminum wafers, aluminum alloy processing and sales, chemical products, and metal materials sales.

    Ronghua Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of non-ferrous metal fluxes and aluminum master alloys. Metal flux products have the advantages of high efficiency, no pollution, low dosage, and convenient use. Aluminum master alloy, copper master alloy, aluminum plate series, stable, uniform composition, low melting point, easy to break, easy to add, easy to absorb.

    The company strictly produces according to national standards, and can also produce according to customer needs. The products are favored by aluminum processing, casting, cable and non-ferrous industries and have a certain reputation in the domestic market.

    Under the guidance of the civilization concept of "all employees create together", the company has made unremitting efforts to build a first-class factory and create a civilized enterprise. In the past few years, the company has cooperated with several colleges and universities based on the China University of Mining and Technology. Enterprise-based aggressive development and research, and constantly launching new products, have won the favor and attention of colleagues in the non-ferrous industry.

    The company has 19 professional technical personnel with college degree or above, 49 personnel with technical secondary school degree or above, with strong technical force. It has advanced production equipment and complete modern testing methods. Now there is one 10,000-ton alloy production line, one 22,000-ton flux production line and one 7,000-ton additive production line, with complete products and excellent quality. The products are well received by the wire, cable, aluminum processing industry and the non-ferrous casting industry. The company's service tenet is: to take customer satisfaction as the standard, enterprisingly participate in the technological revolution of the non-ferrous industry.

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