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    Refrigerator is a kind of refrigeration equipment that keeps a constant low temperature, and it is also a civilian product that keeps food or other items in a constant low temperature and cold state. There are cabinets or boxes for freezing compressors, ice machines, and storage boxes with refrigeration devices in the box.

    Refrigerators are divided into cold storage and freezing. The refrigeration temperature is higher than zero, usually between zero and ten degrees. It is used to refrigerate things, such as fruits, vegetables, and cooked food.

    The temperature of the freezer compartment is below zero, generally below minus 18 degrees. It is used to freeze meat, seafood, and dry goods. The purpose of the refrigerator is to keep food fresh and not deteriorated.

    Refrigerator is one of the household appliances in every household. It can not only help us preserve the freshness of food, but also help us freeze some things. It can also ice drinks and watermelon when the weather is hot in summer.


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