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    Due to the low density of aluminum, only 1/3 of steel; abundant resources; moderate price; good formability and processing performance; strength is not low; and non-magnetic; weldability is also good, especially with excellent friction stir welding (FSW) performance; strong corrosion resistance; no low temperature brittleness, its strength and plasticity (elongation, compression rate, toughness) will rise in a balanced manner with the decrease of temperature, and can be at a temperature below minus 200 ℃ or lower High temperature performance is acceptable, but can not work for a long time above 180 ℃; strong recyclability, in the current application of structural metal materials, it has the highest recycling rate; etc.

    In order to improve the living conditions of passengers on passenger ships, it is necessary to expand the living area and increase the superstructure, which may reduce the stability of the ship. However, widening the width of the ship can improve the stability of the ship, but the speed will be reduced. The use of aluminum alloy superstructure can effectively resolve this contradiction, that is, under the premise of maintaining sufficient stability, the superstructure can be enlarged to improve the living conditions. purpose.

    The use of aluminum to manufacture the hull and superstructure of cargo ships can increase cargo capacity or speed, thereby reducing transportation costs. Due to the non-magnetic nature of aluminum, it is an excellent material for manufacturing minesweepers and special purpose ships and devices.


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