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    The Future Development Goals Of The Foundry Industry

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    In establishing the access system for foundry enterprises, improving the overall level of the foundry industry is the goal pursued, not to eliminate backward enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously promote advanced production and management technologies in this process, and help many existing small foundry enterprises choose suitable melting equipment according to their own conditions, and continue to adopt new technologies to gradually reach the requirements of the access system. standard. In this regard, in addition to the scale of the company and specialized production, these companies should also pay special attention to the following two aspects of work.

    (2). Eliminate high-consumption equipment and encourage investment in environmental protection equipment

    In order to reduce the heat loss of the heating furnace through the furnace wall, it is necessary to reform the casting heat treatment furnace, shell mold roasting furnace and sand drying furnace. The aluminum silicate refractory fiber with good heat preservation effect is used as the protective layer of the furnace body to reduce the heat loss of the furnace. If handled properly, it can save 30 to 35% of electricity and 15 to 20% of alkanes. Eliminating obsolete equipment that consumes a lot of energy and adopting advanced equipment with low energy consumption can greatly reduce energy consumption and achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

    (1). Improving the quality of castings is the foundation of energy saving and consumption reduction

    The quality of castings has a greater impact on energy consumption. Castings have internal and external quality problems that cause scrapping and repeated production, which greatly increases energy consumption. Therefore, the production of good castings is more energy-saving, and at the same time it can also increase labor productivity. According to statistical calculations, for every 1% increase in the yield of castings, each ton of molten aluminum can produce about 8-10kg of excellent ZLD205A aluminum castings, saving 10-15kW?h of electricity. Therefore, in the process design of castings, priority should be given to the use of near-net shape casting technology (such as investment casting, metal mold casting, semi-metal mold casting and low pressure casting, etc.) to improve the appearance quality and dimensional accuracy of castings and reduce machining allowances . Adding testing instruments and adopting advanced testing methods can eliminate casting quality problems in the bud, reduce or avoid processing waste, reduce casting repairs or welding repairs, etc., which is conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction. In addition, in the production process of castings, the application of alloy liquid filtration technology can eliminate or reduce defects such as slag inclusion in castings, improve the yield of castings, reduce the repair work of castings, and reduce the consumption of energy and materials.

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