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    What Is The Difference Between Cast Aluminum Alloy And Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy

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    The difference between cast aluminum alloy and die-cast aluminum alloy

    What is the difference between die-cast aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy in terms of die-casting process and part quality, such as ZLD205A and ZL102? What are the differences in the strength and appearance quality of the parts? What are their advantages? Can they be oxidized? If they can be oxidized, what color will they be after treatment?

    The difference between cast aluminum alloy and die-cast aluminum alloy

    Casting aluminum alloy is built on sand piled up one by one. After the aluminum melts into aluminum water, it relies on its own gravity to form. Problem one. The sand of the sand mold is easy to collapse. Sometimes it is just a little bit. Problem two. The sand is too dry. No. Good pile molding. Sand is too wet. Molded aluminum parts. There will be bubbles. Problem three. Shrinkage. A rough look. There is no defect on the whole. Look closely. There are marks on one side. Or a pile of traces of looseness. Problem 4. Relying on its own gravity. The overall structure (density) is too loose. Advantages. Low price. Convenient processing. Anywhere. A furnace. It’s fine. Die-casting aluminum alloy problem one. The mold price is very high. The second problem is to have a special Die-casting machine. Problem three. Product unit price is high. Advantages. Product quality is good. Quality is also stable. Mass production is possible. Output is also high. Product life is long. Die-cast aluminum alloy. Simple processing (remove burning and flashing) can be done Aluminum oxidation. The color is up to you. Now any color is available. (Monochrome). Consult with the factory for details. Cast aluminum alloy. Aluminum can be oxidized after processing. However, the oxidation does not look good. They are all small.

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