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    Technical Transformation Of ZDL205A In Aluminum Foundry Industry

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    In order to solve the pollution and consumption problems of foundry enterprises, it is necessary to change the concepts of the manufacturers' respective solutions to centralized treatment in the region. Through reasonable planning, reasonable site selection, centralized management, and centralized pollution control, fundamentally solve the phenomenon of substandard discharge and illegal discharge.

    At present, the key points of my country's foundry enterprises' energy-saving and emission-reduction technological transformation are:

    1. Develop large-scale, long-life cupolas-reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution;

    2. Improvement of the working environment of the foundry-technology and equipment for dust removal, removal of harmful gases, and noise reduction;

    3. Technology and equipment for recycling waste in the factory and recycling after being discharged from the factory;

    4. Development and application of short-flow casting process.

    Promoting the clustering and specialization of enterprises and implementing the access system must be combined with the clustering and specialization of foundry enterprises. Only in this way can the objectives of improving enterprise efficiency, improving the quality of castings, and energy saving and emission reduction be achieved. In the material forming and modification processing industry, the resource utilization of various pollutants requires the pretreatment of waste and chemical coatings, which requires a complete set of mechanical equipment, more complex process technology and larger Initial investment. It is these factors that have made some foundry companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, timidly stop the application of pollutants, which has caused many companies and environmental protection departments to still be troubled, so they have to change their concepts for centralized treatment. For example, from the concept of the foundry manufacturers to solve the problem of waste foundry sand management separately, it becomes a centralized treatment in the region, and then the old sand is returned to the foundry for reuse, and the indispensable or unworthy waste foundry sand is transferred to the relevant manufacturers for resources after pretreatment.化 Application. In order to make the specialized production of waste treatment enter a virtuous circle, the relevant departments must strengthen management, comply with policies and regulations, and be conducive to the development of specialized production

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