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    The Basic Steps Of Making Aluminum Plates

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    What are the basic steps to make aluminum plates? Aluminum plate specifications

    1. Aluminum and aluminum plate amorphous strips are supplied in hot-rolled state, quenched state, various levels of soft state and various quenched and tempered states. Aluminum plate specifications

    2. Prepare in advance before hot rolling, including ingot quality inspection, soaking, sawing, milling, aluminum coating and heating, etc.

    3. The refrigeration rate is very high during semi-continuous forging. It seems that the whole process of external diffusion is difficult. It is easy to produce uneven composition and mechanism inside the ingot, such as intragranular segregation, which reduces plastic deformation.

    4. When the surface of the ingot has defects such as shrinkage porosity, welding nodules, scabs and cracks, milling should be carried out (see rare metal aluminum alloy ingot milling), which is a way to ensure the excellent surface quality of the finished product. Key elements.

    5. Hot rolling: The hot rolling of aluminum alloy ingots is to produce blanks for cold rolling, or to produce thick steel plates in hot rolled state immediately.

    6. Hot-rolling process rules and regulations include pass reduction rate, rolling temperature, rolling rate and its lubrication refrigeration, etc.

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