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    What Machine Do You Need To Cut Orange Peel Pattern Aluminum Plate?

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    The orange peel pattern aluminum plate is the raw material of the high reverse surface. The work we are engaged in is very harmful to the cutting equipment. For this reason, the work goals of many plate factories are generally limited to stainless steel, zinc and stainless steel plates. Although the demand for such processing will continue to increase, the owners of the community still have some concerns about this matter. In fact, there are a large number of small and medium-sized processing companies on the market. Therefore, models that focus on the output power of cutting equipment are smaller, and the models with lower output power are processed with lower output power, and they cannot tolerate the patterns, images, and images of aluminum mirrors. Damage to efficient, multi-functional machinery and equipment.

     In fact, the answer is obvious. To solve this kind of raw materials, mechanical equipment is needed for processing and solving! The following is about the content of laser cutting.

    The decorative pattern aluminum plate has uniform illumination, high efficiency, and concentrated energy, so the physical error and consumption of the processed object are very small. Because of the high energy, the raw material is heated and melted in a short time, so the cutting efficiency is high, and naturally this is limited to a certain thickness range!

    A series of problems are that laser cutting of patterned aluminum plates will produce burrs. What should be done if burrs appear? In fact, the suggested solution is to still use laser cutting equipment. High-efficiency machinery and equipment, such as gasification cutting, etc., are not required. Restricted by items, the contacts can be quickly heated, melted and cut, and vaporized, and another line flashes on the flashing patterned aluminum plate, and it can be vaporized and burned!

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