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    The Quality Requirements Of ZDL205A ZDL114A Cast Aluminum Parts

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    The quality of cast aluminum parts ZDL114A includes appearance quality, internal quality and use quality. Intrinsic quality mainly refers to the chemical composition, physical properties, mechanical properties, metallographic structure of the casting, as well as the holes, cracks, inclusions, segregation, etc. existing in the casting; the appearance quality refers to the surface roughness, surface defects, dimensional deviation, and shape deviation of the casting , Weight deviation; use quality refers to the durability of cast aluminum parts under different conditions, including damage resistance, corrosion resistance, chilling and heat resistance, fatigue, shock absorption and other performance, as well as machinability and weldability.

    The quality of aluminum castings has a great influence on the performance of mechanical products. For example, the damage resistance and dimensional stability of machine tool castings directly affect the accuracy and maintenance life of the machine tool; the size, accuracy and surface roughness of the impeller, casing and hydraulic parts of various pumps directly affect the pump And the working efficiency of the hydraulic system, energy consumption and the development of cavitation, etc.; the strength and resistance to chilling and heat of the internal combustion engine cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston ring, exhaust pipe, etc. directly affect the engine's work life.

    Due to many factors, aluminum castings often have defects such as pores, pinholes, slag inclusions, cracks, and pits. Commonly used repair equipment is argon arc welding machine, resistance welding machine, cold welding machine and so on. For casting defects that do not require high quality and appearance, they can be repaired with a welding machine with high heat and speed such as an argon arc welding machine.

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