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    Conductive aluminum boronizer RH-BH

    Update time:2023-07-19
    磷銅變質劑RH-LT◆ 用 途用于共晶及共晶鋁硅合金及其它高強度耐鷹鑄造鋁合金的變質處理?!?特 點長效變質,不衰退,可重復熔煉,不污染鋁液。變質處理方便,可隨爐料同時加入,也可在熔液中加入?!?用法及用量將磷銅合金破碎后預熱,按爐料重量的百分之0.4- 0.69加入到…

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    Conductive aluminum boronizer RH-BH

    Conductive aluminum boronizing agent is a cylindrical object made by uniformly mixing boron containing salt compounds and other molten salts after drying and stamping.

    ◆ Purpose

    Widely used for boron treatment in the production of electrical round aluminum rods by remelting aluminum ingots and electrolytic raw aluminum liquid, it can effectively remove trace metal impurities such as iron, chromium, and manganese that have an impact on conductivity, reduce resistivity, and improve product elongation.

    ◆ Characteristics

    Adding boronizing agents to the molten aluminum can generate TiB2, VB2CrB2, and MnB2 compounds with Ti, V, Cr, and Mn impurity elements, and precipitate from the aluminum liquid in the form of refractory slag. At the same time, it can significantly refine the grain size of the ingot and improve the mechanical properties such as elongation of the aluminum rod.

    ◆ Usage and dosage

    Powdered boronizing agent: Use a powder spraying device to spray it into the aluminum liquid or sprinkle it on the aluminum liquid to strengthen stirring, so that it fully contacts and reacts with the aluminum liquid.

    Cylindrical boronizing agent: Press into the aluminum liquid in batches with a bell jar until the reaction is complete.

    Operating temperature: greater than 700 ° C

    Usage: Calculated based on 0.2-0.4% of the melt weight.

    ◆ Packaging and storage

    Corrugated cardboard box packaging: 20-25 kilograms per box.

    Keep it properly and pay attention to moisture prevention.