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    Aluminum based intermediate alloy ingot

    Update time:2023-08-03
    鋁基中間合金鏈◆ 用 途鋁中間合金主要用來調整鋁熔體成分的一種傳統產品,它是一些融化溫度較高的金屬元素,用熔融法和鋁生產中間體,這種中間體的熔化溫度顯著降低,從而使一些熔解溫度較高的金屬元素在較低的溫度下加入到鋁液當中,以調解鋁熔體的元素含量?!?特 點成…

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    Aluminum based intermediate alloy ingot

    Aluminum intermediate enterprise is a traditional product mainly used to adjust the composition of aluminum melt. It is a type of metal element with higher melting temperature, which is produced by the complex melting method and aluminum intermediate. The melting temperature of this intermediate is significantly reduced, allowing some metal elements with higher melting temperatures to be added to the aluminum melt at lower temperatures to regulate the elemental content of the aluminum melt.

    ◆ Characteristics

    Uniform composition and low melting temperature.

    Easy to break and easy to add.

    High content of ingredients, easy to absorb.

    ◆ Usage and dosage

    Calculate the amount of intermediate alloy required to prepare the total amount of melt based on the required control standards for elements in the melt and the standard content of intermediate alloy

    Generally used to adjust ingredients. Add the intermediate alloy furnace material together and spread it evenly in the middle layer of the furnace material.

    After melt melting treatment, stir evenly and take samples for analysis.

    ◆ Packaging and storage

    Heye ingots are supplied according to national standards, with every four mirrors forming a circle and a net weight of approximately 25 kilograms.

    The front of the alloy ingot is marked with the alloy code and the 8th production heat number.

    Store in a dry warehouse.

    Take any sample for laboratory testing, and mix three points along the diagonal aluminum from the surface (smooth surface) of the alloy ingot for analysis.