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    Iron Agent

    Update time:2021-03-05
    Instructions for use of iron additives◆ UseAdjust the iron content in pure aluminum: provide the alloying element-iron in aluminum alloy.◆ WeightEach piece of iron agent weighs 500 5 grams.◆ Composition75% iron in iron◆ Consumption: Set: 1000 kg …

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    • Product Details

    Instructions for use of iron additives

    ◆ Use

    Adjust the iron content in pure aluminum: provide the alloying element-iron in aluminum alloy.

    ◆ Weight

    Each piece of iron agent weighs 500 ± 5 grams.

    ◆ Composition

    75% iron in iron

    ◆ Consumption: Set: 1000 kg of molten aluminum, 0.2% iron in molten aluminum (analysis after melting). If you want to adjust the iron in molten aluminum to 0.5%, then: (0.5-0.2) 96x1000÷90%=6-47.6kG≈48kG (limited to 96 pieces) iron agent

    ◆ In the formula

    75% is the iron content in the iron agent, and 90% is the iron recovery rate in the iron agent.

    ◆ How to use

    After the charge is completely melted, stir vigorously and take samples for analysis. Calculate the amount of iron added based on the analysis results. When the temperature of the molten aluminum is 745-755°C, remove the scum on the surface of the molten aluminum, and evenly put the iron agent into the molten pool (you also need to add manganese. When the pot agent, you can add it at the same time. Let it stand for 20-30 minutes, Then vigorously stir for 5 minutes, and then stand for 5-10 minutes, sample and analyze. After the ingredients are qualified, it can be transferred to the next process.

    ◆ Explanation

    This product is stable, reliable, and easy to use. It is non-toxic and produces flame and trace smoke after being added to the molten pool. Properly control the adding temperature and standing time, and the degree of stirring is the key to improving the recovery rate. Pay attention to moisture-proof during storage, and oxidize and pulverize after being wet.

    From the production date, the shelf life is ten months.